PHOENICIA experience and knowledge in international business of our consultants will help you succeed and grow your business internationally, export Your local value, or import from international destinations.

PHOENICIA is an international company specialized in IB consultancy aiming at offering its services to small and medium companies. PHOENICIA offers various services from international business training, international fair preparation to end-to-end solutions comprising all the aspects of product introduction into a new market. PHOENICIA will help you to acquire the set of skills and knowledge enabling you to operate in the international markets.

  • Experts with over 10 years of hands-on experience
  • Deep knowledge on HOW and WHAT in IB operations
  • Your “one stop shop” for all matters of international business
  • Tailored consulting services

International Growth And Opportunities Services

Strategic Business Match-Making

  • Steer companies towards profitable business alliances
  • Sourcing new business partners, distributors or agents, and suppliers
  • Screening and matching companies and individuals that will fit your needs

Trade Missions And Conferences

  • PR, logistic and promotion of conferences and international trade missions
  • Coordinating visits and agendas of exploratory business trips
  • Educational programs in the form of workshops and seminars

Trade Exhibitions

  • Assistance to Exhibitors and Attendees for attending national exhibition in MENA countries
  • Public Relations. Face to face interaction with target audience

Business Research

  • Conduct confidential business-to-business research
  • Timely update on issues impacting trade and investment

Facilitating The Establishment Of Sales Offices And Manufacturing Subsidiaries

  • Sales Centres and Manufacturing Options Screening
  • Government and Public Affairs
  • Coordination of Start up phase and staff training
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